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    Accredited by both ASUM (Australasian college for Ultrasound in Medicine) and ACEM (Australian College for Emergency Medicine), used by the University of Sydney for their course on ultrasound in Critical Care, these 13 modules will transform you from being a novice user of ultrasound in your clinical practice to being an expert.

    It  will guide you through your ultrasound learning step by step, to make your clinical practice of ultrasound safe and enjoyable. It is designed to be simple, but complete.


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  • Eyeballing LV function : Test yourself

    Gollum, Wellington Airport, Weta Studios Estimating ejection fraction (EF) can be done by eyeballing LV contraction on ECHO. This requires some skill and expertise. A very basic assessment in the Emergency department requires a parasternal long axis (PLAX), a parasternal short axis (PSAX) and a 4 chamber view (4CV). What are we looking for ? Read more about Eyeballing LV function : Test yourself[…]

  • Cholecystitis : Full house

    Images Victoria Bond Text Genevieve Carbonatto A 42 year old lady presents to the Emergency Department with RUQ pain. She has had episodes of cholelithiasis in the past. She is mildly tender in her RUQ. A point of care ultrasound is performed along with the history and examination. This is her ultrasound Note the GB Read more about Cholecystitis : Full house[…]

  • Pneumothorax : Where do we place the probe?

    A 56 year old man presents to the Emergency department from another hospital for trauma assessment. Earlier that morning he had fallen off a roof and injured his chest and left hand. He has had 3 chest ultrasounds performed by 3 different operators and a pneumothorax was missed. It was picked up by a CT Read more about Pneumothorax : Where do we place the probe?[…]

  • Renal stones in PUJ

    Images Chris Harrington, Text Genevieve Carbonatto A 60 year old man presents with right renal flank pain radiating to the groin. He was known to have a 6mm stone in his VUJ from a CT scan a few months back. At the time he had no hydronephrosis. A point of care ultrasound was performed. The Read more about Renal stones in PUJ[…]

  • Trauma: Right kidney laceration

    Images Stuart Napier, text Genevieve Carbonatto A 24 year old presents to the emergency department with right upper quadrant pain after playing rugby. He tripped, landing on his right elbow jamming  into his right upper quadrant. He was immediately winded and felt right upper abdominal pain. On waking the next morning he had severe right Read more about Trauma: Right kidney laceration[…]

  • Pneumothorax : Test yourself

    We have added lung scans of patients with and without pneumothoraces. Test yourself! Pneumothorax/No pneumothorax 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. \ 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

  • Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome

    Images Chris Harrington text Genevieve Carbonatto A 33 year old lady presents with 10 days of period like crampy lower abdominal pain associated with fevers to 38 degrees, anorexia, nausea, vomiting and urinary frequency. 3 days prior to presentation she developed right flank pain and right shoulder tip pain. She describes malodorous PV discharge. She Read more about Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome[…]

  • Intussusception in a 6 year old

    Images and text Genevieve Carbonatto A 6 year old girl presents to the Emergency department with dysuria and abdominal pain. The symptoms where intermittent until the morning of the presentation when the symptoms were constant and also associated with a left sided limp. She was unwilling to weight bear on her left leg. She had Read more about Intussusception in a 6 year old[…]

  • Pitfall: Ruptured cornual ectopic pregnancy

    Images Nick Sidler, text Genevieve Carbonatto A 32 year old woman presents to the ED with her husband and 5.00 am. The woman is clearly unwell. She is directed straight to the resuscitation bay. Her husband tells you that shortly before 4.00 am she awoke with severe acute abdominal pain. He says she is pregnant Read more about Pitfall: Ruptured cornual ectopic pregnancy[…]