October 28, 2019


Point of Care Ultrasound

85 Lessons – $400 once-off (+ GST) or $50 per month (+ GST)

Ultrasound Course

Ultrasound course accredited by ASUM, ACEM, ACCRM and CICM, this course provides the theoretical backbone for learning point of care ultrasound. Used by the University of Sydney for their ultrasound course in Critical Care, these 13 modules will transform you from being a novice user of ultrasound in your clinical practice to being an expert.

It will guide you through your ultrasound course learning step by step, to make your clinical practice of ultrasound safe and enjoyable. It is designed to be simple, but complete.

It has been approved for 10.5 CPD hours by the College of Emergency Physicians (ACEM) and the College of Intensive Care (CICM)

What people say about this ultrasound course

  • “Excellent course and teaching”
  • “Very useful course”
  • “Extremely thorough and useful”

Your enrolment entitles you to 8 months access from the time of purchase.



Physics of Ultrasound

109 Lessons – $50 per month

Ultrasound Course

Roger Gent covers the physical properties of ultrasound, transducer and beamforming concepts, knobology, resolution and harmonics, image artifacts, common errors in sonography caused by inappropriate technical selections or choices, Doppler – basic physics, colour, artifacts and more, bioeffects and safety and finally MI/MT phantoms.

The lectures in this ultrasound course have been split into small sections accompanied by a brief summary and some multiple choice questions. Much is also taken from his excellent book “Applied Physics and Technology of Diagnostic Ultrasound” available through ASUM.

Roger Gent has had an involvement in diagnostic ultrasound for than 40 years, with particular interest in paediatric sonography and the Physics of Ultrasound. He has lectured on the physics of ultrasound for many years. Aware of the difficulties for many to grasp the basics, he makes sure that the basics of the physics are fully understood before moving on to more difficult concepts. He has been an invited speaker at more than fifty national and international meetings. He is the author or co-author of more than seventy articles, has received several awards from professional ultrasound bodies, is an Honorary Fellow of ASUM and was a member of the ASUM DMU Board of Examiners for twenty years. He was made a Member of the Order of Australia in 2009, for services to Paediatric Ultrasound.

This ultrasound course lecture series is suited for those sitting the DMU and the DDU.