Struggling with ultrasound in your clinical practice?

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11 hours of videos covering EFAST, AAA, DVT, ECHO,Biliary, Renal, Early pregnancy, Lung, vascular access and Fascia Iliaca Block. These videos will transform you from being a novice in emergency ultrasound to being an expert. The e learning is ASUM and ACEM accredited and the basis for the University of Sydney’s on line Critical Care Ultrasound Course.

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The extensive library showcases everything you might see using ultrasound in the Emergency Departement.

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These cases are in depth discussions of real life Emergency Ultrasound cases. They will make you a better Emergency Physician while working any shift in the Emergency department. The cases will give you important information which will help you pass both your fellowship exam and your DDU emergency exams

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Our fellowship resources will help you prepare for your Part II exam


Talented people working to make the best sonography teaching reference for you.

Geneviève Carbonatto

Emergency Physician at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, FACEM, Dip Obs, Dip Paed, CCPU
Genevieve Carbonatto is an Emergency Physician at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, Australia. Passionate about teaching, she started the successful ultrasound teaching program at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital by developing courses and workshops targeting Emergency doctors. Her on line Emergency course has also been adopted by the University of Sydney for their critical care ultrasound program.

Vijay Manivel

Emergency Physician at Nepean Hospital, NSW FACEM,FEM,DDU (Emergency)
Vijay is a long-time ultrasound enthusiast. He is a firm believer of ultrasound as an extension of clinical examination and a decision enhancing tool, especially in emergency medicine where the magic of sound waves is invaluable in making time-critical life-saving decisions. Clinical lead in ED ultrasound and term supervisor for US special skills term at Nepean Hospital and Sydney Adventist Hospitals, actively involved in regular ultrasound medicine teaching and research related to ultrasound in emergency medicine.

James Dent

Emergency Physician at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, FACEM, CCPU
James Dent is an Emergency Physician at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, Australia. His interest and enthousiasm for ultrasound is central to his practice and his desire to teach others infective.

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