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Why learn ultrasound for critical care?

Ultrasound is an essential tool for the critical care physician. It improves diagnostic accuracy. It greatly improves patient care. It can be a game changer in the critically ill enabling correct diagnosis within minutes. Ultrasound has become a skill the critical care physician can no longer go without.


Talented people working to make the best sonography teaching reference for you.

Geneviève Carbonatto

Emergency Physician
Genevieve Carbonatto is an Emergency Physician at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, Australia. She has a boundless passion for ultrasound in critical care which she is keen to communicate to others.

James Dent

Emergency Physician
James Dent is an Emergency Physician at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, Australia. His interest and enthousiasm for ultrasound is central to his practice and his desire to teach others infective.

Tina Cullen

ED Ultrasound Educator
Tina Cullen is a sonographer. As a lecturer in ultrasound and an active practitioner, particularly in ECHO, she is an enthousiastic and valued Emergency Ultrasound Educator at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, Australia

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