February 11, 2024

The Point of Care Ultrasound Course Nice, France 2024

POCUS Workshop - Nice, France

Master  Point of Care Ultrasound with this hands on 5 day workshop.



Event date

29th September to the 3rd of October 2024


Event location

Nice, France


Who should attend

  • Emergency physicians
  • Intensivists
  • Anaesthetists
  • GPs in rural practice/CMOs
  • Senior critical registrars (emergency/anaesthetics/intensive care

The Point of Care Ultrasound workshop is designed to teach emergency and critical care physicians the basics of point of care ultrasound so that they can scan patients with confidence. Teaching is performed by experienced emergency physicians and experienced sonographers working in the critical care area. We have had 10 years experience in the field of teaching ultrasound.

The course includes online preparation. The groups are small to maximise scanning time. We have a 3D simulator which helps understand anatomy when we are not scanning.

The course is accredited by ASUM, ACEM,ACCRM,CICM and EACCME for 25.5 points.

What will be covered

  • AAA
  • Biliary
  • ECHO
  • Lung
  • Early pregnancy
  • Renal
  • DVT
  • Fascia iliaca block
  • Serratus anterior block
  • Cannulation

For those who want to continue their ultrasound experience, this workshop will be followed by our advanced ECHO 3-day workshop accredited by ASUM and CICM for RCE.  It is possible to register for both.

Nice is a beautiful Mediterranean city close to Monaco and Cannes. It is a vibrant city full of restaurants and cafes. The old city is renowned for it’s markets. There are direct international flights to Nice.

The 5-day workshop is dedicated to as much hands-on ultrasound experience as possible with a focus on clinical relevance.

The course will be run at the Hotel Aston La Scala. A direct link to booking accommodation with this hotel will be provided on registration. The hotel Aston La Scala is located within a few minutes’ walk to the center of Nice next to the Place Massena and the old city. A voluntary program for social events will be provided closer to the time including a walking tour of Nice and a dinner at the end of the course.

If ypu wish to book a room in the hotel please contact the hotel and ask for a SOUTH facing room of your choice. The code for a rebate associated with the course is CARBONATO

POCUS Workshop - Nice, France


Day 1: Sunday 29th September

o Online learning.
o There are 12 hours of lectures. The multiple-choice questions at the end of each module are compulsory. You will be given a password to access these lectures and the multiple choice questions

Day 2: Monday 30th September

07.30                                                Registration

08.00-08.10                                    Welcome

08.10-08.30                                     AAA General overview

08.30-10. 30                                    AAA Scanning

10. 30 – 10.40                                  AAA Safari

10.40-10.55                                      MORNING TEA

10.55-11.15                                        FAST General Overview

11.15-13.15                                         FAST Scanning

13.15 – 13.25                                      FAST Safari

13.25-13.55                                        LUNCH

13.55-14.15                                        DVT overview

14.15- 15.35                                       Scanning

15.35-16.05                                       DVT Abnormals

16.05-16.25                                       Pictionary

Day 2: Tuesday – 1st Oct

08.00-08.30                                    Biliary & CBD General Overview

08.30-10.30                                     Scanning biliary

10.30 -10.40                                     Biliary Safari

10.40-10.55                                       MORNING TEA

10.55-11.10                                        Renal general overview

11.10-12.10                                         Scanning renal

12.10-12.40                                        LUNCH

12.40-13.00                                        Early pregnancy overview

13.00 – 14.00                                     Scanning pregnancy

14.00 – 14.15                                      Pregnancy Safari

1415 – 14.35                                        Lung General overview

1435 – 16.05                                        Scanning Normal lung

16.05- 16.35                                         Scanning Safari in individual groups

Day 3: Wednesday – 2nd Oct

08.00-08.30                                        ECHO General overview

08.30-10.30                                          Scanning PLAX and PSAX view

10.30 – 10.45                                        MORNING TEA

10.45 -11.00                                           Overview of 4CV and subcostal view

11.00 -13.00                                           Scanning 4CV and subcostal

13.00-13.30                                            LUNCH

13.30 -15.30                                            Scanning – putting it all together

15.30 -16.00                                            ECHO Safari

Day 4: Thursday – 3rd Oct

08.00-09.00                                           Cannulation, FIB, Serratus anterior block

09.00-09.20                                            Eye Lecture

09.20 -09.50                                           Scanning – Eye

09.50 – 11.50                                          Scanning free for All

11.50 -12.10                                              MORNING TEA/LUNCH

12.10-12.30                                              The shocked patient lecture

12.30-13.30                                              SIM (60 min)

13.30                                                         Review, certificates, feedback

Or please contact ccsonography@gmail.com