Hydronephrosis and aberrant renal artery

Images Evy Panos A 32 year old man presents with right loin pain after a drinking binge. His friends have urged him to attend the Emergency Department because he always complains of  right loin pain after drinking in their company and they would like him to get to the bottom of it. He describes having Read more about Hydronephrosis and aberrant renal artery[…]

Acute vs Chronic Hydronephrosis

Text and Images Oli Gaitsgory and Kezia Mansfield Clinical presentation: A 70 year old man with a background of metastatic colorectal cancer presents to the Emergency Department. He has a known large pelvic mass causing L ureteric obstruction, with a L ureteric stent in situ. He presents with 1 week of confusion and fevers. His blood Read more about Acute vs Chronic Hydronephrosis[…]