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  • Emphysematous kidney

    Images and text Genevieve Carbonatto A 55 year old man with bilateral renal transplants and diabetes presents to the Emergency department with a 6 day history of right upper quadrant pain and severe back pain, fever, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. On examination his HR is 95/min. He has a systolic BP of 97, and he Read more about Emphysematous kidney[…]

  • I almost fainted.

    You are the consultant in charge of the fast track area. You are asked to review a 21yo female who presents with pre-syncope. Please take a history from the patient and give advice about further investigations and management. The patient’s ECG is attached. Domains being examined Medical expertise Prioritisation and decision making Communication   Thank you Read more about I almost fainted.[…]

  • Blurry vision

    Scenario A 21yo female presents to your emergency department with visual changes. You are to take a history, outline your differential diagnosis and discuss what Ix the patient might need. You are NOT to examine the patient. Domains to be examined medical expertise communication Instructions for the actor: HPI for the past 6 days you have Read more about Blurry vision[…]

  • Fall from height (teaching RMO)

    Scenario. A resident comes to you to your assistance regarding the management of patient complaining of foot pain after a fall. Please give advice on assessment and management of the patient Domains being examined Medical expertise Communication Scholarship and teaching Instructions for the actor (RMO) Pt background: – 31yo gentleman – hopped into triage helped by coworkers Read more about Fall from height (teaching RMO)[…]