Pneumothorax : Where do we place the probe?

A 56 year old man presents to the Emergency department from another hospital for trauma assessment. Earlier that morning he had fallen off a roof and injured his chest and left hand. He has had 3 chest ultrasounds performed by 3 different operators and a pneumothorax was missed. It was picked up by a CT Read more about Pneumothorax : Where do we place the probe?[…]

Trauma: Right kidney laceration

Images Stuart Napier, text Genevieve Carbonatto A 24 year old presents to the emergency department with right upper quadrant pain after playing rugby. He tripped, landing on his right elbow jamming  into his right upper quadrant. He was immediately winded and felt right upper abdominal pain. On waking the next morning he had severe right Read more about Trauma: Right kidney laceration[…]

FAST – Focus on the RUQ – False +ve

Text and images  Genevieve Carbonatto There is a BAT call. A young 35 year old has fallen from a 3 story building and essentially landed on his feet.  He has extensive leg injuries and possible chest and abdominal injuries. BP 95/60 HR 110/min RR 25/min Saturating 96% on RA. The trauma team is called. The Read more about FAST – Focus on the RUQ – False +ve[…]