Intussusception: Left upper quadrant mass

Images Genevieve Carbonatto, text Genevieve Carbonatto An 80 year old lady presents to the Emergency Department with a 4 month history of feeling unwell on and off  associated with a  4 kg weight loss during that time. She presented acutely because  the night before she developed mild abdominal pain and vomiting.  She has been investigated Read more about Intussusception: Left upper quadrant mass[…]

Twins, 2 gestational sacs, 10 weeks

Images Genevieve Carbonatto A 10 week pregnant lady presents with PV spotting. On ultrasound 2 gestational sacs are present indicating heterozygous twins. This lady had had no previous scans. Each  gestational sac contains a viable fetus with an active heart beat. Longitudinal scan through uterus Fetal heart beat visible twin 1 Fetal heart beat visible Read more about Twins, 2 gestational sacs, 10 weeks[…]

Cardiac arrest : Aortic dissection

Images Sarah Vaughan (Emergency Registrar) text Genevieve Carbonatto There is a BAT call. The ambulance are bringing a 72 year old woman who suddenly , in front of her husband, was seen to  slump to one side and appeared to have a left hemiplegia. In transit to hospital she has become less responsive and has Read more about Cardiac arrest : Aortic dissection[…]

Ruptured ectopic pregnancy

Images Sarah Vaughan (Emergency Registrar) Text Genevieve Carbonatto A young 30 year old lady is brought in by ambulance with acute onset severe lower abdominal pain. The first thing you want to exclude is a ruptured ectopic. On arrival she is pale and looks shocked. She says she had a positive pregnancy test 2 days Read more about Ruptured ectopic pregnancy[…]

Aortic Dissection – Stanford Type A

Echo images Matthew Oliver (Emergency Physician) Text Genevieve Carbonatto There is a BAT call. The ambulance are bringing in a man with severe back pain. 5 minutes later a 70 year old man is wheeled into the rescusitation room. He is in severe distress. He states he was lifting a box when he developed severe Read more about Aortic Dissection – Stanford Type A[…]

Aortic Dissection

Ultrasound images and text Genevieve Carbonatto A 56 year old lady presents to the Emergency department with a history of severe abdominal pain. She woke up to go to the toilet and  while sitting developed  sudden  paraesthesia in both her thighs associated with severe back pain and abdominal pain. She noticed that her left leg Read more about Aortic Dissection[…]

Air: subcutaneous emphysema vs pneumothorax

Images and text Genevieve Carbonatto A 66  year old presents to the Emergency Department after a fall onto her right chest wall. She had slipped in her bedroom and landed backwards onto a cabinet in her bedroom . She is in great pain on arrival to ED. This is her ultrasound where there is clinically Read more about Air: subcutaneous emphysema vs pneumothorax[…]