Crohn’s disease – Bowel obstuction

Images and text Genevieve Carbonatto. Thanks  to the IBUS group especially   Emma Calbrese for her excellent talk on complications of IBD, but  also Torsten Kucharzik, Christian Masser,Giovanni Maconi, Frauke Petersen, Kim Nylund, Ruediger Goertz, Anil Kumar Asthana, Kerri Kovak, Rune Wilkens and Stefania Carmagnola A 48 year old man presents to your department with severe Read more about Crohn’s disease – Bowel obstuction[…]

Internal hernia

Ultrasound images Sanjay Ramrakha. Text Genevieve Carbonatto and Katherine Bennett The Emergency department gets a pre arrival call from a GP. He is sending in a sick looking 10 year old who has been vomiting overnight. He thinks this may be gastro On arrival a pale, mottled, barely responsive child is wheeled into the resuscitation Read more about Internal hernia[…]

Chrohn’s disease, bowel obstruction

Images Genevieve Carbonatto A patient  with Chrohn’s disease presents with severe abdominal pain and vomiting. He has had pain for 2 weeks and only now presents to the Emergency Department.  An ultrasound is  performed on arrival. His ultrasound shows all the features of small bowel obstruction Dilatation of the small bowel Reduced peristalsis of the Read more about Chrohn’s disease, bowel obstruction[…]