Intussusception in a 6 year old

Images and text Genevieve Carbonatto A 6 year old girl presents to the Emergency department with dysuria and abdominal pain. The symptoms have been  intermittent until the morning of the presentation when the symptoms were constant and also associated with a left sided limp. She is unwilling to weight bear on her left leg. She Read more about Intussusception in a 6 year old[…]

Intussusception: Left upper quadrant mass

Images Genevieve Carbonatto, text Genevieve Carbonatto An 80 year old lady presents to the Emergency Department with a 4 month history of feeling unwell on and off  associated with a  4 kg weight loss during that time. She presented acutely because  the night before she developed mild abdominal pain and vomiting.  She has been investigated Read more about Intussusception: Left upper quadrant mass[…]

Intussusception – The doughnut sign or target sign, the pseudokidney sign

Images and text by Genevieve Carbonatto Case history A 42 year old man presented to the Emergency department at 4.00 am with a history of sudden onset central abdominal pain since 2.00 am. The pain was constant, in fact, it was getting worse. It was not associated with vomiting. He had opened his bowels 4 times Read more about Intussusception – The doughnut sign or target sign, the pseudokidney sign[…]