Aorta Quiz

All answers are directly  from the article  Jan 20, 2015 – Recommendations for echocardiographic chamber quantification were last published in 2005 by the American Society of. Echocardiography 1.How do you measure the LVOT diameter  or aortic annulus ? 2. How do you measure the aortic root? 3. What determines the size of the aortic root? Read more about Aorta Quiz[…]

Assessment of the LV Quiz

Most answers for this quiz are from the ASE chamber quantification guidelines document 2018 1.At what part of the cardiac cycle do measurements need to be taken to measure global systolic function using linear measurements to measure fractional shortening? 2. What are the problems with deriving systolic function using linear measurements? 3. How can you Read more about Assessment of the LV Quiz[…]