Echocardiography during cardiac arrest: COACHRED

Text Genevieve Carbonatto The management of cardiac arrest has been intensively studied over the past 20 year and other than early and good quality CPR and early defibrillation in VF, very little has shown to improve the prognosis in cardiac arrest. The last 20 years has shown that high dose adrenaline, vasopressin, supplementary oxygen, treatment Read more about Echocardiography during cardiac arrest: COACHRED[…]

Cardiac arrest : Aortic dissection

Images Sarah Vaughan (Emergency Registrar) text Genevieve Carbonatto There is a BAT call. The ambulance are bringing a 72 year old woman who suddenly , in front of her husband, was seen to  slump to one side and appeared to have a left hemiplegia. In transit to hospital she has become less responsive and has Read more about Cardiac arrest : Aortic dissection[…]