Ruptured ectopic, pseudosac

Images Bashir Chakar, text Genevieve Carbonatto A 36 year old lady presents with sudden onset of  right lower quadrant pain lasting 20 minutes. One hour later she experiences further abdominal pain prompting her presentation to the Emergency Department.  She has had 2 positive home pregnancy tests. On examination she is minimally tender in her right Read more about Ruptured ectopic, pseudosac[…]

Heterotopic pregnancy

Images Evy Panos, Text Genevieve Carbonatto A 32 year old lady presents by ambulance  to the Emergency Department in shock. She describes having felt dizzy but not unwell and then suddenly collapsed. She remembers being escorted in a wheelchair into an  ambulance. She is 19 weeks pregnant and has had a recent normal ultrasound scan. Read more about Heterotopic pregnancy[…]

Pitfall: Ruptured cornual ectopic pregnancy

Images Nick Sidler, text Genevieve Carbonatto A 32 year old woman presents to the ED with her husband and 5.00 am. The woman is clearly unwell. She is directed straight to the resuscitation bay. Her husband tells you that shortly before 4.00 am she awoke with severe acute abdominal pain. He says she is pregnant Read more about Pitfall: Ruptured cornual ectopic pregnancy[…]

Pitfall: Blood clots and ruptured ectopic pregnancy

Images and text Genevieve Carbonatto It is a busy Thursday evening in the Emergency Department. There is no place to put patients and assess them.  The only bay which may be available is occupied by a lady who  refuses to leave the bay because she feels so ill. You call the nurses and together you Read more about Pitfall: Blood clots and ruptured ectopic pregnancy[…]

Pitfall: Painless ruptured ectopic pregnancy

Images Mark Russel, text Genevieve Carbonatto A 35 year old women  presents to the Emergency Department for a review of a possible ectopic pregnancy. She is 7 weeks pregnant by dates. An outpatient scan was performed the day before for painless vaginal bleeding . It did not show an intrauterine gestational sac. A complex left Read more about Pitfall: Painless ruptured ectopic pregnancy[…]

Ruptured right ectopic, 7 weeks

Images by Genevieve Carbonatto A 7 week pregnant lady presents to the Emergency department with sudden onset of severe abdominal pain. Her BP is 100/80. She is pale and sweaty. She is directed immediately to the resuscitation room. This is her pelvic scan. A  small gestational sac is visible in the right adnexa  with a visible Read more about Ruptured right ectopic, 7 weeks[…]

Unruptured left ectopic 7 weeks

  Images by Genevieve Carbonatto A 7 week pregnant lady presents to the Emergency department with spotting. A scan through the pelvis demonstrates an empty uterus and what looks like a CL cyst or an ectopic tubal pregnancy in the left adnexa. Colour Doppler demonstrates a “ring of fire”  appearance. This can be present around a Read more about Unruptured left ectopic 7 weeks[…]