Aorta Quiz

All answers are directly  from the article  Jan 20, 2015 – Recommendations for echocardiographic chamber quantification were last published in 2005 by the American Society of. Echocardiography 1.How do you measure the LVOT diameter  or aortic annulus ? 2. How do you measure the aortic root? 3. What determines the size of the aortic root? Read more about Aorta Quiz[…]

Echocardiography during cardiac arrest: COACHRED

Text Genevieve Carbonatto The management of cardiac arrest has been intensively studied over the past 20 year and other than early and good quality CPR and early defibrillation in VF, very little has shown to improve the prognosis in cardiac arrest. The last 20 years has shown that high dose adrenaline, vasopressin, supplementary oxygen, treatment Read more about Echocardiography during cardiac arrest: COACHRED[…]

Eyeballing LV function : Test yourself

Gollum, Wellington Airport, Weta Studios Estimating ejection fraction (EF) can be done by eyeballing LV contraction on ECHO. This requires some skill and expertise. A very basic assessment in the Emergency department requires a parasternal long axis (PLAX), a parasternal short axis (PSAX) and a 4 chamber view (4CV). What are we looking for ? Read more about Eyeballing LV function : Test yourself[…]

ECHO : image optimisation

Images and text Genevieve Carbonatto The most difficult and frustrating ultrasound examination in the Emergency department must be the ECHO exam. What can we do to optimise our images ? Here are some tips and tricks. 1. Positioning the patient Some of our patients in the Emergency Department cannot be moved because of body habitus Read more about ECHO : image optimisation[…]