Twins, 2 gestational sacs, 10 weeks

Images Genevieve Carbonatto 10 week gestational pregnancy presenting with PV spotting. Heterozygous twins on ED ultrasound exam. No previous scans. Transverse scan through uterus below. 2 gestational sacs visible containing each one intrauterine fetal pole. Longitudinal scan through uterus Fetal heart beat visible twin 1 Fetal heart beat visible twin 2 CRL twin 1 and Read more about Twins, 2 gestational sacs, 10 weeks[…]

Ectopic pregnancy

Images Sarah Vaughan (Emergency Registrar) Text Genevieve Carbonatto A young 30 year old lady is brought in by ambulance with acute onset severe lower abdominal pain. The first thing you want to exclude is a ruptured ectopic. On arrival she is pale and looks shocked. She says she had a positive pregnancy test 2 days Read more about Ectopic pregnancy[…]

Incomplete miscarriage 10 weeks

Images by Genevieve Carbonatto  Longitudinal scan of uterus. Gestational sac in lower uterine cavity.  Incomplete miscarriage Transverse view of uterus .Intrauterine gestational sac. No clear fetal pole, no Hb, no yolk sac. Because of the inferior quality of  transabdominal ultrasound compared to transvaginal ultrasound, all early pregnancy  transabdominal scans performed in emergency should have a formal Read more about Incomplete miscarriage 10 weeks[…]

Ruptured right ectopic, 7 weeks

Images by Genevieve Carbonatto   A  small gestational sac is visible in the right adnexa  with a visible yolk sac.  The uterus is empty. There is hyperechoic blood, (clot)  behind the uterus. The uterus is empty. There is hyperechoic blood, (clot) behind the uterus in the Pouch of Douglas. Difficult to differentiate from  uterus because of similar Read more about Ruptured right ectopic, 7 weeks[…]