Stone in neck, but mobile

Images by Genevieve Carbonatto   Acute onset epigastric pain associated with vomiting.  GB exam shows stone in neck with the patient supine. The GB wall is not thickened. With the patient in the left lateral position, the stone moves. The stone is therefore not impacted     GB wall not thickened. 0.29cm Patient in left lateral Read more about Stone in neck, but mobile[…]

Gallstone + tumification of sludge

Images by Tina Cullen   Solid looking “tumified” sludge in gallbladder. Stone in neck. Longitudinal view of GB. Sludge is rounded and tumified, stone casts an acoustic shadow Transverse scan through the GB. The sludge is seen first and then the stone casting it’s shadow No vascularisation of structure confirms this is not a tumour Transverse scan Read more about Gallstone + tumification of sludge[…]