Gallstone + tumification of sludge

Images by Tina Cullen    A patient presents with abdominal pain. Examination of the gall bladder using ultrasound shows a solid rounded looking “tumified” sludge in the  gallbladder.  The stone casts an acoustic shadow and is in the neck of the gallbladder.  Colour Doppler can be  used to look to confirm this is not a tumour. There Read more about Gallstone + tumification of sludge[…]


Images by Genevieve Carbonatto Gallstones are commonplace. Ultrasound is highly sensitive in identifying gallstones. The appearance of gallstones is variable. They vary in size,shape and number. They may be associated with sludge. Stones and polyps may coexist. They are echogenic and cast an anechoic shadow (acoustic shadow). Gallstones that are less than 5 mm may not Read more about Gallstones[…]

Gallstones in 4 month old

Images and text by Genevieve Carbonatto and Jeremy Fry Name changed to protect patient confidentiality. Sam was 4 months old when he was brought by his parents to the ED. He presented with acute onset of crying and distress which awoke him from sleep. He was grunting and drawing his knees up to his chest. He Read more about Gallstones in 4 month old[…]