Aortopathy – Aortic root dilatation

Images Ava Ghalini text Genevieve Carbonatto A patient is referred by his GP to the Emergency Department for episodes of exertional upper chest pain over a period of 2 weeks. A troponin organised by his GP was 28. On arrival he is asymptomatic. BP 180/80, HR 100/min. A systolic and loud diastolic murmur is audible Read more about Aortopathy – Aortic root dilatation[…]

Coarctation of the aorta in a neonate

Images Chris Harrington, text Genevieve Carbonatto A 11 day old presents to the Emergency department in acute respiratory distress. His mother states that his SOB has increased markedly over the past 24 hours.  While on the way to hospital he has an episode of tachypnea  cyanosis and not breathing for 5 seconds. He has been Read more about Coarctation of the aorta in a neonate[…]

Discovering the aorta through ultrasound

ECHO images Tina Cullen. Text Genevieve Carbonatto A 65 year old lady presented to the Emergency department with a 6 month history of  abdominal pain. The pain was vague and mainly located in her pelvis but at times was epigastric. A bedside point of care ultrasound was performed. This was the ultrasound of her  proximal aorta in Read more about Discovering the aorta through ultrasound[…]