Type A dissection – Full house

Images Bashir Antoine Chakar (Emergency registrar) Text Genevieve Carbonatto You get a BAT call. The ambulance are bringing in a 65 year old lady who developed acute onset chest pain radiating to her back. The paramedics tell you that she was found to be diaphoretic with a systolic BP of 130. Thinking this was an Read more about Type A dissection – Full house[…]

Aortic Dissection – Stanford Type A

Echo images Matthew Oliver (Emergency Physician) Text Genevieve Carbonatto There is a BAT call. The ambulance are bringing in a man with severe back pain. 5 minutes later a 70 year old man is wheeled into the rescusitation room. He is in severe distress. He states he was lifting a box when he developed severe Read more about Aortic Dissection – Stanford Type A[…]

Aortic Dissection – almost missed diagnosis!

Ultrasound images and text Genevieve Carbonatto You get a handover from the overnight registrar who has had an extremely busy shift. After you get handed over several patients he describes  a 56 year old lady who woke up in the morning to go the toilet. While she was sitting , she suddely felt some paraesthesia in Read more about Aortic Dissection – almost missed diagnosis![…]

Discovering the aorta through ultrasound

ECHO images Tina Cullen. Text Genevieve Carbonatto A 65 year old lady presented to the Emergency department with a 6 month history of  abdominal pain. The pain was vague and mainly located in her pelvis but at times was epigastric. A bedside point of care ultrasound was performed. This was the ultrasound of her  proximal aorta in Read more about Discovering the aorta through ultrasound[…]