Pulmonary Embolism – Right ventricular thrombus

Images Nick Stewart text Genevieve Carbonatto A 22 year old patient presents to the Emergency Department with calf pain. On further questioning she has had  a presyncopal event the day of presentation and complains of shortness of breath. She has recently been put on tranexamic acid for heavy menstrual bleeding. She is also on the Read more about Pulmonary Embolism – Right ventricular thrombus[…]

Right ventricular thrombus

Images and  text Genevieve Carbonatto A 35 year old man presents to the Emergency Department with severe shortness of breath. He is known to have an amphetamine induced cardiomyopathy. His heart rate is 129/min, BP 116/76. He has mild pedal oedema. His JVP is elevated and on auscultation he has crepitations bilaterally. You decide to Read more about Right ventricular thrombus[…]

Ice cardiomyopathy, apical thrombus

Images Sarah Vaughan, text Genevieve Carbonatto A 38 year old man presents to the Emergency department with shortness of breath which he has had for 4 weeks. His symptoms have worsened  over the past 3 days. He can no longer go up 2 flights of steps to his apartment  and he has noticed his  ankles Read more about Ice cardiomyopathy, apical thrombus[…]