Ice cardiomyopathy, apical thrombus

Images Sarah Vaughan, text Genevieve Carbonatto A 38 year old man presents to the Emergency department with shortness of breath which he has had for 4 weeks. His symptoms have worsened  over the past 3 days. He can no longer go up 2 flights of steps to his apartment  and he has noticed his  ankles Read more about Ice cardiomyopathy, apical thrombus[…]

Apical thrombus

Images Genevieve Carbonatto  Apical 4 chamber view Focus LV Apical 4-chamber view focussed on the apex.  There is laminar thrombus on the apico-septal wall.  The bright echogenic structure seen in systole.  The septum is akinetic. There are multiple trabeculations / false tendons in the apex.  The unusual trabeculations do not appear to be part of Read more about Apical thrombus[…]