Systolic anterior motion SAM

Images Genevieve Carbonatto This gentleman presented septic to our department. He had a history of chronic renal failure requiring dyalisis. BP 88/60, HR 90/min. An ECHO was done in the ED to find a possible cardiac cause, other than hypovolaemia from sepsis, for his hypotension Watch the clip below. Watch the mitral valve. Then watch Read more about Systolic anterior motion SAM[…]

Shock – Left Ventricular Outflow Obstruction

Echo images Tina Cullen, text Genevieve Carbonatto The Emergency phone rings directly from the paramedics. They have a  59 year old woman with acute onset chest pain. BP 75/40, diaphoretic. HR 110/min in atrial fibrillation. She has a past history of hypertension. The ECG is faxed through   Widespead ST depression and T wave inversion Read more about Shock – Left Ventricular Outflow Obstruction[…]