Bacterial endocarditis : Tricuspid valve

Images Sarah Vaughan, Text Genevieve Carbonatto A BAT call arrives. A 42 year old man recently discharged against medical advice from hospital is coming acutely short of breath (SOB). 2 weeks prior  he self discharged despite acute liver failure from hepatitis C and positive blood cultures for strep mitis. He had been on benzylpenicillin and Read more about Bacterial endocarditis : Tricuspid valve[…]

Endocarditis – Shortness of breath

Images Genevieve Carbonatto. Text Genevieve Carbonatto and Tina Cullen. Featured image, NZ rain forest Abel Tasman National park A young man presents to the Emergency Department with SOB (shortness of breath). He has been sent in by his flatmates because he is so unwell. They leave as soon as he presents to triage. He is Read more about Endocarditis – Shortness of breath[…]