B lines – how best to see them

Thankyou Justin Bowra for this post. Ultrasound for interstitial lung disease and pulmonary oedema Key points • US lets you ‘see the crackles’. The US appearance of crepitations / crackles is called ‘B lines’ (formerly rockets, comets) • Just like crackles, B lines are found in pulmonary oedema and also in pulmonary fibrosis • B Read more about B lines – how best to see them[…]

Air: subcutaneous emphysema vs pneumothorax

Images and text Genevieve Carbonatto A 66  year old presents to the Emergency Department after a fall onto her right chest wall. She had slipped in her bedroom and landed backwards onto a cabinet in her bedroom . She is in great pain on arrival to ED. This is her ultrasound where there is clinically Read more about Air: subcutaneous emphysema vs pneumothorax[…]