2. Causes of Aortic regurgitation : Aortic root dilatation and Loss of commissural support

Kathryn Statham , Genevieve Carbonatto

1. Aortic root dilatation

  • loss of leaflet coaptation
  • hypertension
  • connective tissue disorders (Marfans etc)

2. Loss of commissural support

  • Aortic dissection
  • VSD
  • Aortic trauma


Aortic root dilatation

Aortic root dilatation can cause loss of leaflet coaptation as in the clips below

Loss of commissural support

Loss of commissural support will cause aortic regurgitation. This patient has  a large ventricular septal defect .

Same patient with colour Doppler showing AR


A type A dissection in this patient with a bicuspid valve and aortic root dilatation is associated with severe aortic regurgitation due also to loss of commissural support.




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