Images by Genevieve Carbonatto

Abdominal dissections are more common than ruptured aortic aneurysms. They are the most common aortic emergencies. The true lumen is often smaller than the false lumen as it is compressed by the false lumen. In most cases the aorta is not aneurysmal and will be less than 3cm in diameter. Ultrasound is not the imaging modality of choice for dissection as the flap may be missed. If a flap is visible, then investigation of the aortic root and thoracic aorta needs to be performed looking for evidence of a type A dissection (aortic root dilatation +/- flap+/- pericardial effusion+/- aprtic regurgitation. The aorta below measures 2.85 cm. The aortic flap is visible. The true lumen is the smaller of the 2 lumens
































Mid aorta AP diameter  3.22cm dissection flap just visible

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