“Cardiac” GB

  Images by Genevieve Carbonatto   Lichtenstein refers to this striated thickened GB wall due to cardiac failure as the “cardiac GB”. Wall thickness 1.06 cm Note ascites below which makes the wall of the gallbladder clearly visible when surrounded by fluid. On the other hand the striations are not visible in the wall of the gallbladder in Read more about “Cardiac” GB[…]

Ascites, oedematous GB, stone in neck

Images by Genevieve Carbonatto   Thickened GB wall 0.76cm, stone in neck of GB, ascites. Thickening of GB wall not due to cholecystitis but probably due to pulmonary hypertension and liver failure. Differential diagnosis of GB wall thickening is cholecystitis but appearance of GB unchanged over months.

Postprandial GB wall thickening

Images by Genevieve Carbonatto .  Longitudinal view.  GB wall is thickened. This is why the biliary exam should be done when the patient is fasted. Not only does the GB contract post prandially but the wall also becomes thickened.  Note: Duodenum below GB Transverse view. Note small contracted GB with thickened wall