Pulmonary Embolus

Images by James Dent  McConnell’s sign is akinesis of the basal and mid segments of the RV free wall but apical preservation / hyperkinesis.  It is sensitive but not specific for pulmonary embolus

Parasternal long axis of the left ventricle, (PLAX) demonstrating that the right ventricular, (RV) anterior wall is not contracting well.  The RV cavity is mildly dilated in comparison to the LV cavity.  There is some flattening of the interventricular septum, (IVS).

Apical 4-chamber view showing a dilated RV with akinesis of the basal and mid lateral (free) wall segments but vigorous contractility of the apex.  This is known as “McConnell’s” sign.   McConnell’s sign in suspected pulmonary embolism will increase your diagnostic confidence level. There is also bowing of the interventricular septum, (IVS).

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