Question 1 : Purchase of ultrasound machine and credentialing

Question 1  You have been asked to assist in the purchase of a new ultrasound machine for your department. a) Describe five (5) steps you would take to gather information for this purchase. (5 marks) 1. Decide on your needs: Size of machine, complexity (Doppler/2D), image quality, ability to store images, ease of use (quick Read more about Question 1 : Purchase of ultrasound machine and credentialing[…]

Question 2 : Renal colic

Question 2 You are a consultant in charge in a tertiary emergency department at 2300 hrs. You overhear a junior medical officer who recently commenced night shift- asking a nursing staff member to arrange the discharge of a 72 year-old man, whom he has diagnosed with renal calculi. Nursing staff express their concerns with you as Read more about Question 2 : Renal colic[…]

Question 4: Pericardial effusion/PE/Sepsis

Question 4.  Describe abnormalities that you could expect to see on a focused ultrasound scan of a heart in Pericardial Effusion PE Sepsis Percardial effusion • Echofree space if effusion anechoic within pericardial space. Effusion may be echoic if it is blood or pus • Effusion may be circumferential or loculated • Effusion may have Read more about Question 4: Pericardial effusion/PE/Sepsis[…]

Question 5 : Early pregnancy

Question 5 What findings on transvaginal ultrasound would indicate ectopic pregnancy should be considered? • Empty uterus – no gestational sac • May have pseudosac – blood collection in uterus • Complex adnexal mass • May see ectopic pregnancy “ bagel sign” +/- Corpus luteal cyst which is often ipsilateral to the ectopic pregnancy • Read more about Question 5 : Early pregnancy[…]