Apical thrombus

Images Genevieve Carbonatto  Apical 4 chamber view Focus LV


Apical 4-chamber view focussed on the apex.  There is laminar thrombus on the apico-septal wall.  The bright echogenic structure seen in systole.  The septum is akinetic. There are multiple trabeculations / false tendons in the apex.  The unusual trabeculations do not appear to be part of the thrombus.  Use colour on low flow settings to differentiate tendons from thrombus, use multiple windows and views.  Pan through the apex.

Apical 4-chamber view focussed on the ventricles.  Both ventricles appear to be dilated and the interventricular septum, (IVS) is akinetic.  Thrombus formation occurs on walls with reduced contractility.


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